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Creative Crook Gets $11,000

December 24, 1987

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (AP) _ A crafty crook covered a Comerica bank branch night deposit box with an out-of-order sign, set up a substitute box and then made off with $11,000 in store receipts deposited by an unwitting customer.

Police Officer Gary Conat said the phony night deposit box was set up at the Northland Center mall branch last Saturday. An employee of a mall store found out-of-order signs posted near the night deposit drawer. Bank officials later found a key had been broken off in the lock.

Signs directed customers to an adjacent green metal box with the word ″Comerica″ on the side. A posted warning said that tampering would result in prosecution and that the box was under 24-hour surveillance.

The box was removed later, and the theft was reported Tuesday by a store manager.

The FBI is involved in the investigation, although there is some question of jurisdiction because the money was never technically in the bank, said Bill Kerans, a Comerica spokesman.

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