Nikolaus Weissing: There needs to be an EIS on Daley Farm expansion

November 11, 2018

Remembering Lance Cpl. Allen

We honor our veterans this coming Monday. The traditionalists will still cry foul, and say that the day should be celebrated on Sunday. My connection to Winona and Veterans Day is due to an individual that I never met. He went to Winona High, and I went to Cotter. We both graduated in 1964. We both joined the Marine Corps during the Vietnam War.

Lance Cpl. Ronald Allen died Dec. 27, 1967, in a deadly North Vietnamese Army ambush that decimated the same infantry company that I joined in Jan. 28, 1968. The irony of the situation, is that I remember the survivors of the ambush talking about those that were KIA that day. About 45 years later, after a unit reunion, I looked up the bios on those that were killed that day.

That’s when I discovered that Ronald Allen and I were similar in many respects, born in same hospital in Winona, the same age, and probably had the some of the same aspirations and goals in life. He sacrificed his life that dreary day, and along with others is remembered on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.

I never knew him, but I will never forget him.

Nick Carter, Rochester

We need to thank our veterans

November 11th, a day to honor and thank all veterans. Those brave men and women who sacrificed so much for us and fought for our freedom. We live in the greatest country in the world, one where we have the freedom do things other countries cannot. There are not a lot of WWII veterans still alive so their stories of that war are limited.

I remember when I was in school, I had to interview someone and write a paper. That someone was my father and I wrote about his time in the war. At first my questions were easy for him but when it came to talking about his captivity as a POW, most questions were unanswered. When I asked about the living conditions in a POW camp, all he said was, “It was Hell”. When I asked what his daily life was like, I remember he paused for a long time, looking down and answered quietly, “I don’t want to talk about that.” So many of my questions, came with the same response “I don’t want to talk about that.” I asked him how he survived and he said “I prayed alot and going home was my mission.”

After he passed away, my mom was able to fill in some of the answers but not all. Their meals consisted of raw potatoes and stale bread and water. Their bed was a blanket on the cold dank ground. So sad ... but he was fortunate to survive and be released. My father was proud of his country and proud that he fought for what he believed in. So many many other veterans have stories and we need to thank them for their service to our country. Thank you to my father, to my husband, and all the veterans that have served to protect my and your freedom.

Nancy Prodzinski, Winona

Farm expansion bid needs a full review

My family lives in rural Utica township. We haven’t been able to drink the water in our well for years. Nitrate levels when my parents first started testing our water were over twice as high as the current safe range.

Fecal contamination is also a problem in this area. A relative who lives nearby had an infection in his gums which the doctors told him came from hog feces in his tap water.

I read on the Minnesota Department of Health website that about 25 percent of private wells in Minnesota have detectable levels of coliform (fecal) bacteria. This is “an indication that surface contamination has entered the well or water system.”

I saw in the newspaper that the proposed expansion of the Daley farm near Lewiston would produce 46 million gallons of manure every year. This is a big threat to our already messed up groundwater system.

We live just a mile from the Daley’s main operation. I think that the more cows they put in one place, the less chance we will have of seeing any improvement in our water quality.

I recently heard Jim Riddle talk about local water quality. Jim is the chair of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Organic Advisory Task Force, and he lives in Winona County. He showed us a map of the nitrate levels in Winona County wells.

The western part of the county, including Utica Township, has the highest number of wells with unsafe water due to nitrate levels. Is it just an accident that this same area has the highest number of large animal farms?

We need an Environmental Impact Statement to be done regarding the proposed Daley Farm expansion.

Nikolaus Weissing, Utica

I say ‘yes’ to Daley Farms expansion

I want to say I am in favor of the Daley Farm expansion. Don’t be confused about the water quality and care that will be taken to assure its drinkability as the Daley family cattle drink this water too. The families living on all these farms; sons, daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, have spent much time, energy, and money into making sure that the health of our water is sustainable.

As we all know, many farmers and dairy operations are selling out. The Daleys have also pondered the “selling out” and are doing what they feel is best for their families and communities they support. By expanding these past years, and keeping up with farming practices and hard work, they are providing a good honest way of life for many people. All the hard work, long hours, challenges, paperwork that is required for farming and managing a dairy herd, the Daley Family Farm representing all its generations, are doing their best to prosper and to continue to provide a living for now and future generations.

When growing up on a family farm, you learn at a very young age how to be good stewards of the land, water and animals. Pairing those real life experiences from growing up on the farm to college education learning greater sustainability and practices, and working with local and state agencies, the Daleys are driven and committed to keep the family farm running efficient and safer for all of us. If you are uneducated on all what the Daleys have done through the generations and are striving for to keep the generations farming, I encourage you to contact one of the many family members and sit down with them to let them educate you on their commitment to the land, water and animals they rely on to survive.

I say “yes” to the Daley Farm expansion.

Charlie Matzke, Lewiston

An ‘improved’ Winona Daily News

So, the Winona Daily News has upgraded all of its photos to color. Now, while they are more “picturesque,” the need for “all color” escapes me. However, upgrading to more news would be far more useful because most days still see only 10-12 pages of ‘news’ paper.

There’s also a need to delete a handful of lame comic strips. The first to go is “Doonesbury” which are currently copyrighted 1991 (with the exception of the Sunday issue). If we are to experience ‘reruns’ of comic strips, how about bringing back “Peanuts?” How about “Tumbleweeds” if available?

Lastly, keep sports photos off the front page. There is a place for those pictures ... it’s called the Sports Section. It’s not as if the WDN has a luxury of space available to it since there is a definite scarcity of actual news within its voluminous 10-12 pages (which includes the classifieds and other ads).

So, Winona Daily News, how about upgrading the newspaper to actually having more news grace its pages, not just prettier pictures. Perhaps, then, more news and fewer attempts to improve the aesthetics will increase circulation. Just a thought.

James R. Puz, Winona

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