Rep. Daniel Riemer: Middle-class tax cut must be responsible, roll back giveaway to millionaires

February 10, 2019
Daniel Riemer

Voters across Wisconsin elected Gov. Tony Evers because they want fiscally responsible policies that put families first.

During his campaign, Gov. Evers promised to cut taxes for middle-class families in Wisconsin by 10 percent.

True to his word, the governor rolled out his plan last week, which would give a tax cut to 84 percent of Wisconsinites.

This puts real money in the pockets of people across Wisconsin.

Gov. Evers is putting his focus on the middle class by rolling back a massive tax giveaway to millionaires and huge corporations.

Eight years ago, Republicans created a tax plan that allowed 16 people, each earning more than $30 million per year, to receive tax cuts averaging almost $2 million.

That doesn’t make economic sense.

Gov. Evers is moving our state in a direction that will create opportunities for everyday people and grow our communities.

The truth is, we can have a tax cut for working families and still make the needed investments in K-12 education, transportation and health care.

If we work together and put people above politics, we can build an economy that works for everyone.

Gov. Evers wants responsible tax relief for Wisconsin families.

That’s something we can all support.

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