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‘He-e-e-ere’s Jack!’ Nicholson drinks up at a liquor store in Queens

December 17, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ Living a scene out of a stereotypical Jack Nicholson movie, the actor himself stopped his limo in a working-class Queens neighborhood, popped into a liquor store and shared a pint of whiskey with the locals.

``Let’s drink to a great life and friendship. Happy holidays,″ Nicholson said, sharing a $6.97 pint of Jim Beam, the New York Daily News reported today.

``He was just like one of the neighborhood guys, except that most of them had no teeth,″ said autograph hound Meade Chaskey, who was passed the bottle at the impromptu gathering Monday night.

Nicholson, who has been in town promoting his new movie, ``As Good as It Gets,″ which opens nationwide Dec. 25, convinced the saleswoman to let him step behind a bulletproof partition so he could choose among the dusty bottles.

He bought four bottles of vodka and bourbon.

Nicholson’s characters in ``Terms of Endearment″ (1983), ``Easy Rider″ (1969) and ``The Crossing Guard″ (1995) often shared a passion for drink and reckless abandon.

Sporting red-tinted dark glasses and a sports jacket without a tie, he told the crew he was off to Kennedy Airport to pick up his girlfriend.

``If she wants to come back, no problem,″ he said.

Chaskey said Nicholson didn’t return.

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