Editorial: Tax-free weekend is opportunity to stay in town

August 2, 2018

Starting Friday, Aiken County residents will enjoy South Carolina’s tax-free weekend along with plenty of shopping deals on clothing, household like blankets, pillows, shower curtains and, of course, school supplies.

It’s the time of the year to get the kids ready to head “Back-to-School.”

This is also an opportunity for Aiken County residents to stay in Aiken County this weekend and find all of their school needs at local small businesses.

This is more than just showing support for the local businesses owners, but a way for the money spent to stay in Aiken County to be used on various expenditures. According to the website independentwestand.org for every $100 spent locally, $68 will stay in the community as opposed to only $43 spent in a national chain.

For $100 spent in Augusta, it not only goes to a different county, but a different state. Consider also, the cost of fuel to travel out of the county to shop.

And online shopping will do nothing for the community.

In Aiken County we have clothing stores such as Lionel Smith Ltd. downtown for boys and men getting ready for high school and college. Vikki’s, White Rose Eclectics and Unique Expressions have clothing for everyone.

Leverett’s offer’s fine quality shoes and even stores like Aiken Saddlery and Vintage Music Store will have tax-free items this weekend.

In North Augusta, visit Communigraphics.

You’ll definitely find something unique at each of these shops instead of the run-of-the-mill look.

The money you save by not paying sales tax will help return money to Aiken County. The money you spend locally will in turn benefit community resources such as the police department, schools and infrastructure repairs.

Here’s another point, by shopping at locally owned businesses, you are also supporting a business owned by one of your Aiken County neighbors, someone you see around town. What if you also own a local business not related to the tax-free holiday? The money you spent this weekend at, say, one of the businesses mentioned above may turn around and those owners may spend money at your business.

That’s a winning combination for Aiken County.

And this is just the tax-free weekend; keep in mind of what is on the horizon. It’s never too early early to start thinking about Christmas and Aiken County is home to more than just the clothing shops. You can add in True Value downtown for appliances and hardware items, Jewelers Loupe in Aiken and Stan Johnson Jewelers in North Augusta. And don’t forget the gifts for the four-footed family members at Downtown Dog.

We can go on with all of the businesses here that are locally owned, but it will be better to go out and find that unique item for yourself.

Just shop local.

Start this weekend, it is tax-free.

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