Libertarian seeks to curb government waste, streamline laws

October 8, 2018

Q. A slate of budget cuts were made in 2017 to address a $227 million shortfall caused by less than anticipated revenue and an expensive fire season. What should the priorities be in the state budget in the next legislative session?

A. Infrastructure should be addressed right away, ensuring we keep non-infrastructure items out of this budget.

Q. Do you support a sales tax or other tax increases as a way to shore up the budget and increase revenue?

A. I do not support ANY increase in taxes. I do, however, support evaluating our current tax structure and looking at ways we can have our 11 to 14 million visitors each year pitch in.

Q. Montana’s Medicaid expansion program is set to expire in 2019. Should the state renew this program?

A. The sunset on Medicaid expansion was purposefully put there so that it could be evaluated and restructured if needed. I do think we should look at what has been successful, build on that, and look at what has not worked so we can find a better avenue to help people more effectively.

Q. Which other issues would you like to see addressed by the Legislature?

A. I would like to take a really good look at where our tax dollars are going, identify waste and opportunity to consolidate government. I would also like to look at laws and regulations that need to be removed due to being outdated or obstructions to prosperity.

Q. Why are you the right choice to represent your district?

A. I am not a political insider, I have no agenda other than to listen to my district and represent them in Helena while protecting our natural, inalienable rights, look at each issue and decide upon a course of action that leads to a freer, more prosperous Montana. As such I will make an ideal representative for House District 8.

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