Treat with Rust Cure and never worry about rust again

February 25, 2019

Some of my customers have to store their washers and dryers in the garage. And if you are like me, an extra refrigerator in the garage sure comes in handy for parties. There is only one thing not convenient about that — humidity that can cause rust on those appliances. Or maybe it’s not in the garage, but you might have decorative iron furniture in the yard that has started to rust. Or someone left your favorite tool in the yard, and after a couple of weeks you find it and it’s really rusty. Do you toss it? Does your AC unit outside have rust? A lot of ranches have iron pipe fencing that runs the length of their property and it will rust. Whatever is your rust problem, there is an easy answer, Rust Cure!

Rust Cure is different from other rust removers because it is a mild acid. It might be green like other rust products but, that where the similarities end. Rust Cure self-neutralizes and will leave a thin tough layer of protection. When you treat rust with Rust Cure it never will rust again! And it’s so simple to use. Spray the rusty area with Rust Cure, wait an hour and wipe off the oily residue. Then give it a few days to cure. It will turn gun metal gray, and then if you want to paint, you can with any paint. You don’t have prime because Rust Cure will become its own primer. Now you just added life to your tool, decorative iron furniture, or fencing. Rust cure can be used on a variety of surfaces from metal to fiberglass and automotive to marine.

Rust Cure comes in several sizes from 8 ounces to five gallons, and it is made right here in Texas. So the next time you see rust, spray it with Rust Cure and know that it will never rust again!

Now to the email …

Question: I have dark granite counter tops and around the base of the faucet there is white (I assume calcium deposit from water) I try to dry it off all the time but it’s still there. I have tried many different cleaners but nothing seems to work. Can you help me find something that will work? I read your column every week but have not seen this in it.

Answer: Those hard water stains really stand out on dark granite. You can take a straight edged razor blade and scrape the bulk of it off (it won’t hurt the granite) just slide it across the granite carefully. Then for the rest, there is Shower Cleaner by Granite Gold. It’s safe on granite and will remove stubborn hard water stains.

Question: My granddaughter is in college and living in an apartment. Her cat decided to use her new sofa as a litter box. Is there anything she can use to take out the odor and the stain? I’ll get it for her if there is. Thanks for all the great information and all the great products.

Answer: Get rid of the stain first with Tech Stain Remover. Spray the area and then blot the stain with a white rag. When cleaning work toward the middle. Don’t rub the stain; you don’t want to spread the stain. Once the stain is removed, then tackle the odor. Spray the sofa with Bio Zapp. It’s crystal clear and will completely neutralize the odor. Spray it several times. Cat urine is super potent and might require more than one application.

Question: Trudy, I read the Chronicle article this morning about cleaning shower glass with Delete Germ before applying Invisible Shield. I would love to do that with my glass shower but I think I read in your column before that Delete Germ should not be used with Septic systems. Can you verify that please? Love your columns and look forward to all your hints. Thanks.

Answer: You can use Delete Germ with a septic system, if you DO NOT use the water from your system to water the grass.

Question: I have a thick hard water stain around the bowl of my toilet. I have even tried using a plastic putty knife to remove it. But surely there is something better?

Answer: Use a Flexi- Scour … it’s amazing! Just wear gloves.

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