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Guided tour set to watch grouse do their dance of spring

April 1, 2018

NAPER, Neb. (AP) — The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission has joined other organizations in organizing a guided sunrise tour for watching sharp-tailed grouse do their dance of spring.

Saturday’s Sharptails and Saddle Tales event in Boyd County will provide people with a chance to view the birds’ annual return of to their spring dancing grounds, where they display their courtship behavior. The males extend their wings, stomp their feet, do a dance of sorts and then suddenly stop. The goal: impress nearby females.

After the tour participants will meet at the Naper Café for a breakfast buffet and various presentations.

The $30 registration fee includes transportation to the dance grounds, breakfast and a Naper museum tour. The registration deadline is Thursday. Call 402-582-4866 or 402-376-5842 or email northeastrcd@plvwtelco.net to sign up.

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