Harold Randolph: Winter and summer visitors

February 3, 2019

Editor: Ever been to a play or circus with mostly empty seats? Lake Havasu has few empty seats, at doctors’ waiting rooms, restaurants, most stores during the winter visitors’ season. Yes, the traffic is bad during this season, but I think of the taxes being collected, and profits being made and how this helps the locals live in a very vibrate small city.

Most people I know enjoy the festive atmosphere the winter visitors bring, I enjoy watching our visitors view the London bridge, water fronts, our parks, the winter fest, balloon fest. How many cities have a park as large as SARA park with all its attractions, rodeo grounds, speedway, baseball fields, dog parks, trail paths, rifle ranges and more. This is possible by way of the extra taxes paid by our winter visitors.

The residents of Lake Havasu are very fortunate, besides winter visitors we also have summer boaters that pay taxes and help our economy. At times during the summer months our main streets are filled with pickups and boat trailers. During this time many locals travel north and become tourist.

Years back I remember attending circuses and enjoying the performance, it made it more enjoyable being in a crowd that enjoyed it too. The same goes when attending one of cities theaters, it’s no fun without an audience.

Harold Randolph

Lake Havasu City

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