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Mild temps mean Alaska bears still hanging around

November 10, 2014

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has warned residents that bears in the area have not taken to winter dens and may be attracted to birdfeeders and cans of trash.

Mild temperatures and little snow have led to bears hanging around, said Dave Battle, an assistant area wildlife biologist with the Department of Fish and Game.

Bears want to load up on calories before denning, and bird seed and trash are a strong temptation, he added.

The lingering bears come after the Department of Fish and Game received reports from downtown Anchorage and elsewhere of bear activity, and there seems to have been a string of bear attacks lately.

Bird feeders should remain inside for a few more weeks, Battle said.

The Department of Fish and Game recommends Alaska residents keep bird feeders inside between April and Nov. 1.

A National Guard soldier in July was mauled by a brown bear while participating in a training exercise at a military base. And a 66-year-old man in June suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries when he was attacked by a brown bear.


Information from: Alaska Dispatch News, http://www.adn.com

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