We should all be thankful for Foxconn -- Donna Wasley

September 7, 2018

We all need to say “thank you” to Gov. Scott Walker and President Donald Trump for all their efforts in bringing Foxconn to Wisconsin.

Thousands of good-paying jobs will be available for professionals, researchers, assemblers, office workers and maintenance staff for not only Wisconsin residents but many more.

A large effort is being made to attract veterans getting out of the military, who have served our country well, and will need good paying jobs. We are reaching out to many cities, such as Detroit, where many people would like to receive training in exchange for jobs.

And now it gets even better with Foxconn’s $100 million donation to partner with our great university. This will open up a future of engineering and innovation for medical technology that will be respected and felt around the world.

I hope on Election Day, all the people who doubted that Foxconn was a good deal for Wisconsin will realize the impact it will have on our great state and be thankful for all Gov. Walker’s efforts to keep Wisconsin moving forward.

Donna Wasley, Monona

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