No Individual Should Be Able To Hold The Country Hostage

February 3, 2019

Editor: In the coming years, Congress should change laws that affect the president of the U.S. so that he does not have the right to veto or override more than 20 bills per year. The president doesn’t run our country; he is only an elected figurehead; both parts of our Congress — House of Representatives and Senate control/enact our laws. If the country is held “hostage” by a president who is demanding his requests be honored or everything and everyone in the country will be shut down regardless of their importance in running the country’s facilities, a 35 percent vote of equal amount of members of both parties should be able to override this shutdown. No one party or individual should be able to hold this country hostage for his demands. Congressional members should not be paid during these turbulent times until a decision is reached to open the government. No part of government should be able to prohibit a vote on any subject being brought up for discussion by the various representatives. A board consisting of equal number of members of both parties should decide what subjects can, will or will not be up for discussion and the reasons for their decisions. American democracy has survived many attempts at dictatorship over hundreds of years of our history but in the end, if hard-working and honest people voted their conscience, and exercised their absolute right to vote on these matters, our nation and democracy have survived all these years. In the end, a few drastic but necessary changes that can and should be made to laws in our land should guarantee freedom of the people, by the people, and for the people in this great country called America. Maryann Sivilich DALLAS

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