The Armory Smokehouse Restaurant seeks military items and pictures

March 30, 2019

IRONTON — The Armory Smokehouse Restaurant is seeking military memorabilia from any Tri-State family who has or are currently serving in the military.

“My partner and I have took a Military Armory building built in 1937 and are currently revamping it to open on the first of May,” Donnie Townsend, one of the owners of the Armory Smokehouse Restaurant, said.

In keeping with the Armory’s longstanding history, the newly remodeled restaurant hopes to honor all veterans as well as first responders from around the community. As Donnie said, it is strictly to honor all who have fought for our freedom.

“It’s all military based, everything to do with veterans,” Townsend said. “If they bring us a uniform or memorabilia, items are strictly on loan, it is like a museum. A lady showed up yesterday and handed us a Purple Heart. People are consigning things to us. We want to show them honor with pictures. We are framing them and using shadow boxes to showcase letters and photographs.”

He continued, “It’s all being done to honor our friends family and neighbors. We can take freedom for granted. This is a way to honor people, so they know they aren’t forgotten. We want to encompass the military from around our community.”

To make a donation or to loan an item to The Armory Smokehouse Restaurant, the public is invited to bring a 5x7 picture in uniform, to the Ironton Briggs Library. The restaurant asks that the picture be accompanied with the branch of service, rank, name, the dates served, and a contact number for any questions. They would like to display these to pay tribute to the soldiers who have fought for our country and for our freedom.

For more information or to make an inquiry about a donation or loan, The Armory Smokehouse Restaurant can be reached on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thearmorysmokehousellc.