NEW YORK (AP) _ Two men have sued Sean ``P. Diddy'' Combs for $25 million each, claiming that a security team at the rap mogul's recording studio attacked them for no reason.

Lawsuits filed Monday in Manhattan on behalf of Thomas Guest and Damon Jackson allege that they were assaulted in August 2002 at the Daddy's House studio on West 44th Street.

Combs' spokeswoman, Susan Makarichev, said the lawsuits were ``totally baseless'' and ``the allegations are ridiculous.''

Guest and Jackson were trying to visit Combs, a friend of Guest, when one of the security guards ``confronted plaintiff, threatened him and thereafter physically assaulted him, causing serious physical injuries and rendering him unconscious,'' the lawsuit said.

When Jackson went to Guest's aid, he also was assaulted, a separate lawsuit said.