Letter to the editor: Dermody is no leader

September 25, 2018

One of our sacred duties as Americans is voting for leaders, ranging from local, state and federal office. And we hope our leaders use their voices to represent us and vote for common-sense legislation.

Unfortunately, in that role, Minority Leader Frank Dermody has failed us. In April House Bill 2050 came up for a vote. This bill’s primary function is to prevent abortions based solely on a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Dermody voted against this legislation. And by doing so shows a deeply flawed and outdated view.

As Frank Stephens said in his congressional testimony, “I am a man with Down syndrome. And my life is worth living.” He went on to speak about his experience talking about inclusion at universities across the country. I have had the privilege of teaching children with Down syndrome and other special needs. They deserve nothing less than our love and acceptance, and a society in which they aren’t seen as broken and less human.

For Dermody to vote “no” shows his support of this silent genocide of the special-needs community. This isn’t quality leadership, and this outdated ideology does not belong in Harrisburg. That’s why in November, I’m voting for new leadership.

Shawn Fitzgerald Jr.


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