Nixonian Gates, Manafort, Trump: Darcy cartoon

August 12, 2018

Nixonian Gates, Manafort, Trump: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- President Trump’s former deputy campaign manager, Rick Gates, marked the 44th anniversary of President Richard Nixon’s resignation by admitting he’s a crook, and so is his boss, Paul Manafort, former Trump campaign manager.

As the government’s star witness in Manafort’s trial on bank and tax fraud charges, Gates testified last week that he committed a multitude of financial crimes on behalf of Manafort and himself, including embezzling from Manafort.

Before joining Manafort on the Trump campaign, Gates was Manafort’s longtime deputy in his political consulting business.  The crimes Gates admitted to involved Manafort’s consulting firm and 15 other overseas companies he controlled. 

Gates had agreed to  a plea deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller before testifying.

Among the crimes Gates confessed, was embezzling hundreds of thousands from Manafort to fund an extramarital affair he was having.

Gates initially only described the embezzlement as “unauthorized” reimbursements. But when pressed by Manafort’s attorney, he admitted the proper description was embezzlement.

Gates had also admitted to lying to investigators, even when negotiating his plea deal.

Manafort’s defense team has been attempting to discredit Gates as someone with no credibility who has lied and stolen from Manafort.   But Gates claims in court are being backed up by bank records and email communication between Gates and Manafort.

Gates worked on Trump campaign longer than Manafort.

Paul Manafort worked on the Trump campaign for five months, the last three as campaign manager.  Gates served as deputy campaign manager and continued to serve on the campaign even after Manafort resigned as campaign manager.  Gates was still working on the Trump staff after the election, serving on the transition team.

Trump only works with the finest.

Candidate and President Trump boasted of only working with the best.   His former deputy campaign manager has now testified under oath that he and Trump’s former campaign manager are chronic crooks.     Who is Trump going to hire to manage his ‘Space Force’?  Darth Vader?

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