Letter: We need more discipline for students, not more statistics

August 11, 2018

Discipline is not racism. Discipline has been used at home and in our schools for hundreds of years, and it does work. It does not matter what the percentage of students in any race, majority or minority are that offend the policies in our schools. Rules are rules. If you offend them, you will be punished if indicated.

We don’t need to look at statistics and race to know that if a child does something wrong, discipline needs to be used. Discipline is about tough love, and tough love will be — in the end, years later — appreciated. These kids will thank us someday that we disciplined them. They will grow up to be better people and productive in our society if they are disciplined right.

The schools are so concerned about lawsuits and how many minority students are disciplined that the offenses are being covered up and going unreported just to show statistics that are untruthful. What is going on behind the walls of our schools is very shocking. When I grew up, discipline was in place at home and in school, and most people of that generation have grown up to be good people.

Tough love, better parenting and discipline no matter what color, race or gender you are is what this society needs. Don’t worry about the statistics.

Diana Friemann, Rochester

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