Thank goodness for our #MeToo world -- Jan Libby

September 27, 2018

Tuesday’s letter to the editor “Blame Democrats for Kavanaugh circus” juxtaposed with the Chicago Tribune’s editorial, “A year later, #MeToo is still going strong,” was quite an eye-opener for me.

I hope the man who wrote the letter also read the editorial, which eloquently refuted the letter.

Thank goodness we live in a #MeToo world, now that courageous women and men have come forward to demand that we hear their allegations and seek the truth.

Yes, I can imagine condemning a 53-year-old man for something he supposedly did more than 30 years ago when he was 17 years old, if the man were guilty of the allegation. The letter writer goes on to state that he thinks whatever happened caused injury to no one.

If someone was assaulted, yes, it did cause injury to that person.

As the editorial states: “That’s a long time ago. But #MeToo claims don’t, and shouldn’t, carry expiration dates. Such allegations deserve adjudication. … Obnoxious behavior that may have been shrugged off in years past isn’t anymore. Unwanted advances and worse aren’t buried and forgotten. They’re alive in the memories of victims.”

I lament that we didn’t raise our voices long ago to cries of #MeToo from those in our midst.

Jan Libby, Middleton

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