School bus safety violators pay

March 5, 2019

For some drivers in Fort Wayne : particularly those traveling on St. Joe Road : Monday’s morning commute came with a ticket.

Their offense? Disregarding school buses’ flashing red lights and stop arms.

Monday kicked off a 15-day traffic enforcement campaign focusing on school bus stop-arm violations throughout the city.

The effort is supported by a grant the Fort Wayne Police Department received through the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, Lt. Tony Maze has said.

The number of tickets issued Monday was not immediately available, police spokesman Michael Joyner said by email.

“However,” he added, “I can say that we cited several drivers for ignoring the school bus stop arm for several buses that had stopped in the area of St. Joe Road and Canterbury Boulevard to load students on their way to school.”

The main entrance of Canterbury Green is an area where Fort Wayne Community Schools sees the most stop-arm violations, district spokeswoman Krista Stockman has said.

State law requires drivers stop when school buses are picking up or dropping off children.

The Indiana Department of Transportation provides this summary of which drivers must stop when buses have their stop arm extended and red lights flashing:

• On two-lane roads, vehicles traveling in both directions must stop.

• On multilane roads with no barriers between lanes, vehicles traveling in both directions must stop.

• On multilane roads with barriers between lanes, only vehicles behind the bus must stop. Vehicles traveling in the opposite direction can proceed with caution. Barriers include unpaved spaces and raised medians.

“We will be out all month looking for these and other traffic violations in an increased status,” Joyner said, adding that traffic enforcement never stops.