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Motorists Complain About DWI License Plates

July 11, 1991

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) _ Some people driving around with newly issued license plates bearing the letters ″DWI″ are worried other motorists will think they were punished for drunken driving.

The state Department of Licensing let slip by 1,000 plates with the letters DWI, jargon for driving while intoxicated.

″Especially with the low numbers, like OO1 DWI or OO7 DWI, people might think the person has had one DWI or has had seven DWIs,″ said Felicia Remmen, vehicle service manager for the Thurston County auditor’s office.

The DWI letter combination was not on the department’s do-not-issue list, which screens out embarrassing tag numbers.

″I was surprised it wasn’t,″ said Bill Hardy, assistant administrator with the department’s title and registration division.

About 25 motorists have complained about DWI plates. Those that haven’t been issued in Thurston County will be returned, and anyone who wants a replacement plate can get it free, Remmen said.

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