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Licenses revoked after liposuction patient dies

November 27, 1997

SANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) _ A plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist whose patient died of blood loss after 10 1/2 hours of liposuction surgery have had their medical licenses revoked.

Anesthesiologist Robert K. Hoo can reapply for his license in late 1998. Surgeon W. Earle Matory cannot practice for at least three years, according to the six-member Medical Board panel.

Matory’s lawyer, Lloyd Charton, said his client was ``devastated″ by Wednesday’s decision and planned to appeal.

Administrative Law Judge Vincent Nafarrete said the surgeon ``exhibited a serious lack of safety″ and ``gross negligence and incompetence.″

Nafarrete called Hoo’s actions especially egregious and said that Hoo failed to call a halt to the surgery when the woman’s condition declined.

The patient, Judy Fernandez, 47, died in a hospital emergency room in March. A coroner ruled that she died of blood loss _ blood that one expert said was sucked from her body along with the unwanted fat.