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World’s Richest People, According to Forbes Magazine With AM-World’s Richest

July 9, 1989

NEW YORK (AP) _ Here is a list of people with $2.5 billion or more in net worth, as estimated in the July 24 issue of Forbes magazine. Forbes excludes royal families and heads of state on the grounds that their fortunes aren’t based on economic prowess.

Listed are the billionaires, their home nation, business and estimated personal net worth.

1. Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, Japan, land, railroads, resorts, $15 billion.

2. Taikichiro Mori, Japan, property development, $14.2 billion.

3. Sam Walton and family, United States, retailing, $8.7 billion.

4. Reichmann brothers (Paul, Albert, Ralph), Canada, real estate, $8 billion.

Shin Kyuk-ho, Korea, candy, real estate, $8 billion.

6. Hirotomo Takei and family, Japan, publishing, real estate, $7.8 billion.

7. Kitaro Watanabe, Japan, real estate, hotels, $7 billion plus.

8. Haruhiko Yoshimoto and family, Japan, real estate, $7 billion.

Hans and Gad Rausing, Sweden, liquids packaging, $7 billion.

10. Eitaro Itoyama, Japan, land, $6.6 billion.

11. Kenneth Roy Thomson, Canada, publishing, retailing, $6 billion.

12. Kenkichi Nakajima, Japan, pachinko, $5.8 billion.

13. Brenninkmeyer family, Holland, retailing, $5 billion.

14. Kenneth Colin Irving, Canada, oil distribution, paper, land, $4.5 billion.

15. Takenaka family, Japan, construction, $4 billion-$5 billion.

16. Giovanni Agnelli and family, Italy, autos, investments, $3.7 billion.

17. Mohn family, West Germany, publishing, $3.6 billion.

18. Warren Edward Buffett, United States, investments, $3.5 billion.

19. John Werner Kluge, United States, media, real estate, $3.2 billion.

20. Pablo Escobar Gaviria, Colombia, cocaine, $3 billion plus. Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor, Great Britain, property, investment, $3 billion plus.

22. Ramon Areces, Spain, retailing, $3 billion.

Friedrich Karl Flick, West Germany, industry, $3 billion.

Henry Ross Perot, United States, industry, $3 billion.

Keizo Saji, Japan, liquor, $3 billion.

Johannes von Thurn und Taxis, West Germany, land, investments, $3 billion.

27. Erivan Haub, West Germany, supermarkets, $2.9 billion.

28. Quandt family, West Germany, autos, industry, $2.6 billion.

Hisashi Ishii, Japan, finance, $2.6 billion.

Samuel Irving Newhouse, United States, publishing, $2.6 billion.

Donald Edward Newhouse, United States, publishing, $2.6 billion.

32. Henry Lea Hillman, United States, real estate, venture capital, $2.5 billion.

Sumner Murray Redstone, communications, United States, $2.5 billion.

Ted Arison, United States, cruise lines, $2.5 billion.

Garry and Galen Weston, Canada, supermarkets, $2.5 billion.

Hisakichi Yamaguchi, Japan, cans, $2.5 billion.

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