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‘Injured’ Workers Return After Threat of Being Videotaped

March 1, 1990

PITTSBURGH (AP) _ Twenty-eight city employees have stopped taking workers’ compensation since officials announced a plan to crack down on fraudulent injury claims by catching cheaters on videotape.

The employees began returning to work last week, city Finance Director Ben Hayllar said Tuesday.

Hayllar said last week that the city is watching and taping some employees who claimed their injuries left them unable to work. Some were seen roofing their homes and doing strenuous yard work, Hayllar said.

″I’m the Ernest Angley of Pittsburgh,″ he said, referring to a television evangelist who engages in faith healing.

Most employees who are hurt on the job return to work as soon as possible, but 10 to 15 percent of the city’s $17 million annual workers’ compensation expense results from fraud and abuse, Hayllar said.

About 300 employees remain on workers’ compensation, he said.

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