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Miss America Still Friends With Ex-boyfriend Despite Abuse

September 18, 1991

HONOLULU (AP) _ Miss America Carolyn Suzanne Sapp said she’s still friends with her ex- boyfriend, a former professional football player, despite the abuse that led her to seek a restraining order against him last year.

″That incident, what happened over a year ago, was personal then and it remains personal now,″ said Sapp, who won the pageant crown Saturday night. ″It’s over with. It’s done.″

Her comments followed Honolulu television station KITV’s report Monday night that in October she submitted an affidavit to the District Court.

In it, she said Nuu Faaola ″physically beat, kicked, punched, threatened to kill me, tore my clothes, choked me, took a knife to me and held it to my neck and skin, and emotionally threatened me.″

The affidavit also said Sapp accused Faaola of trying to push her out of a moving car and trying to strangle her with a seat belt in April 1990, KITV reported.

Sapp, 24, sought a restraining order following the car incident but immediately dropped the request, she said.

But six months later, police were called on a harassment case involving Faaola at Sapp’s Honolulu residence.

Faaola, 27, wasn’t charged with any crime.

Both said they are still friends, and said they are disappointed their previous problems have been publicized.

Sapp said Faaola called her in Atlantic City last week to wish her well in the Miss America pageant.

At a news conference Tuesday, Faaola admitted he had a problem, but said he underwent counseling and has learned how to control himself. At the suggestion of his attorney, he refused to confirm or deny the allegations in the affidavit.

″Only Carolyn and I and God know,″ he said. ″It was personal then and will remain personal.″

Faaola, a graduate of the University of Hawaii, played five seasons in the National Football League for the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns.

Sapp replaced former Miss America Marjorie Judith Vincent, of Illinois, who chose the plight of battered women as the social issue she would focus on her during her reign.

Sapp selected the issue of parental responsibility.

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