Lee, Whiteside and Ogle County property transfers: Dec. 29, 2018

December 29, 2018

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of Dec. 17:

Warranty deeds

• Brock A. and Monica Slusser to Eric D. Brands, 815 W. 19th St., Sterling, $57,000.

• Annette M. Lawrence, Michael E., Stephen S., Daniel M., and Christopher J. Brown to Annette M. Lawrence and Stephen S., Daniel M., and Michael E. Brown, 306 W. 12th St., Sterling, $0.

• Ron Shambaugh to Lawanda L. Shambaugh, 606 N. Cherry St., Morrison, $0.

• CMC Industries Inc. to Trent A. McKenna, 26827 Penrose Road, Sterling, $170,000.

• Kevin T. and Traci D. Skibbe, formerly Roberts, to Cameron L. Poci, 1001 Suzanne St., Rock Falls, $94,000.

• Irl J. and Cathy L. Flanagan to Katherine McGinn, 208 E. Fourth St., Sterling, $55,000.

• Nathan J. and Brenda J. Holesinger to Trust 36010000101, Resource Bank, trustee, one parcel on Ocker Road near Fulton, $0.

• Richard P. Koch to David J. Thompson, 1710 Oak Grove Ave., Sterling, $74,000.

• Russell D. and Karen D. Wiesel to Union Pacific Railroad Co., 17371, 17381, 17382, 17384 and 17386 Diamond Road, all near Fulton, $1,100,000.

• Carol J. Clara to Mary R. and Shelly L. Moore, 603 W. First St. and one parcel on Sixth Avenue, both in Lyndon, $57,000.

• Douglas W. Mitchell to Whitney M. Mitchell-Dewitt and Brandon T. Dewitt, one parcel on Coleta Road near Tampico, $980,000.

• Orval J. Johnson to Neil Fotzler Enterprises LLC, one parcel on Lyndon Road near Prophetstown, $320,000.

• Nancy J. Oppedal, Patricia A. Pierceson, Mary J. Cipolle, and Dawn E. Finnicum to Dwight W. and Lillian V. Parker Trust, one parcel in Prophetstown Township, $0.

• Arthur A. and Patricia A. Gibeaut Trust to Karyn L. Roupe, 11464 and 11424 Meredosia Road, Albany, $250,000.

• Michael A. and Stacey L. Graham to Kyle J. and Elizabeth A. Miller, 1110 Albany St., Erie, $170,000.

• Cory J. and Constance N. Renner to Cristina Z. Avelar, 707 E. 19th St., Sterling, $178,000.

• Triple W Properties Inc. to Sue Wolf, 1411 W. 20th St., Sterling, $169,000.

• Stacy L. Dennison and James D. Farrington to Mackenzie Staples, 2103 Canal St., Rock Falls, $64,500.

• Ronald G. and Tracy A. Muur to CBF Corp., 17384 Crosby Road, Morrison, $362,093.

• Wiersema Holmes Inc. to Brandon D. Cain, 1821 Third Ave., Sterling, $89,900.

• Debra S. Totten to Daniel and Cara Widolff, 1406 E. 36th St., Sterling, $176,000.

• Carol M. Radke to Lori A. Alvarez, 1202 First Ave., Sterling, $45,000.

• Kelsey R. Jones to Nicholas T. Jones, 1206 E. 15th St., Sterling, $27,000.

• Benita V. and John V. Mendoza Jr. to Thomas Whitcombe, 1511 Sixth Ave., Sterling, $153,000.

Quit claim deeds

• Elizabeth E. Murphy to Elizabeth E. and Frank J. Murphy and Jean L. Thomaschefsky, 604 W. 10th St., Sterling, $0.

• City of Prophetstown to Prophetstown Township, one city lot and part of two other lots, $0.

• Wells Fargo Bank to city of Fulton, 505 Ninth Ave., Fulton, $0.

• Brian Strike to Jolene Chalupnik, 307 N. Joy St., Tampico, $0.

• Melissa R. Schroeder, now Clouse, to Stefan M. and Melissa R. Clouse, 1024 13th Ave., Fulton, $0.

• David A. Ludin Jr. to David A. Ludin Jr. and Emily L. Dykstra, 154 Riverview Drive, Albany, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• Trust Number 144700, formerly Number 3601000082, Resource Bank, trustee, to Nathan J. and Brenda J. Holesinger, one parcel on Millard Road near Fulton, $29,160.

• Trust Number 146000, formerly Number 36010000101, Resource Bank, trustee, to Nathan J. and Brenda J. Holesinger, 11 parcels on Holly Road near Fulton, $2,559,558.

• Shirley A. Holesinger Trust to Tarek L. Farmer, 1210 Second Ave., Fulton, $160,000.

• Dwight W. and Lillian V. Parker Trust to David A. and Casey L. Goodell, five parcels on Lake Road near Prophetstown, $1,710,000.

• Carolyn K. McCue Trust to John R. Sauer, two parcels in Mount Pleasant Township, $133,000.

• Mary Jane and Richard F. Rosenow Sr. Trust to Randy D. and Teri A. Rosenow, 549 Washington Road, Prophetstown, $0.

• Matyas Family Trust, Kenneth Richard Stallings, trustee, to Jeffrey J. Spencer, 5879 Schafer Road, Fulton, $158,971.

• Mary Jane and Richard F. Rosenow Sr. Trust to Lafaughn C. and Richard F. Rosenow Jr., two parcels on Washington Road near Prophetstown, $175,500.

• Robert D. and Dorothy Mae Modler Trust to Michael R., Jonathan and Amber Modler, 1009 W. Sixth St., Sterling, $0.

• Margaret L. Castendyck to Ellen Repass, 2106 Myrtle St., Rock Falls, $0.

Executor’s deeds

• Whiteside County sheriff and Sherry L. Deets, also Mickelson, to NRZ REO VI-B LLC, 506 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $0.

• Marian I. Mangan Estate to Joyce Erdmann and Shari Gaumer, 619 19th Ave., Sterling, $15,000.

• Phyllis J. Dornon Estate to Daniel D. McNeece, 513 E. Wall St., Morrison, $119,500.


• Whiteside County sheriff and Christie E. and Daniel R. Hager to Suntrust Bank, 509 N. Second Ave., Albany, $0.

• Whiteside County sheriff and Patrick L. Hamilton to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 10488 Fulfs Road, Morrison, $0.

• Whiteside County sheriff and Jennifer C. Stoecker and 1st Gateway Credit Union, 15606 Sand Road, Fulton, $0.

• Whiteside County sheriff and Amanda M. Johnston to U.S. Bank, 1311 Lincoln St., Rock Falls, $0.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded the week of Dec. 17:

Warranty deeds

• Jo Ann Alsup to Scott J. Sester, 2840 Chicago Road, Compton, $24,000.

• Judith Kaye Larson to Duvonna and William D. Warner, 120 S. Skole Gate Road, Lee, $0.

• AJW4 LLC to Jesse Lee Properties, four parcels in Dixon Township, $19,000.

• Anthony M. and Lynne Miranda to Norma and Elodio Ruben Cornejo Jr., 2098 Brush Grove Road, Rochelle, $104,500.

• Becky Moeller, Calvin and Troy Shoemaker, and the late Lavette Shoemaker to Andrea M, and Andres C. Gomez, 307 N. Lincoln Ave., Dixon, $42,000.

• Jayme Majano and Claudia Pareja to Jeffry Leonidas Garay Flores and Kelim Sobeyda Majano Herrera, block 4, lot 15, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

• Mary Jo Zimmerlein to Konrad Adam Wijas, block 2, lot 7, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $16,700.

• Albert F. and Marlene R. Watson to Walter G. Tenner, block 15, lot 76, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

• Robert Ortmann to Lisa D. Jezek, 2250 Clouse Lane, Dixon, $136,000.

• IIT IL LLC to William G. Barkel, 1339 Steward Road, Steward, $25,500.

• Constance M, Sabin, formerly Stachura, and Kent Sabin to Jeffrey Coester, 1582 state Route 38, Franklin Grove, $50,000.

• Gentle Ridge Inc to Barbara A. and Joseph B. Hermes, two parcels in Nelson Township, $7,500.

• Constance R. Beeson, formerly Pankhurst, James W. Pakhurst III, Tamara A. Conley, Thomas E. Foster III, William M. Foster, and Jennifer R. Kellogg to Dawn M. Smith, 1017 E. Chamberlin St., Dixon, $125,000.

• Eyelet Products and Engineering Corp. to Porter Metal Products LLC, 1709 Eyelet Road, Dixon, $17,500.

• Hvarre Holdings LLC to Patricia Long, 717 Yingling Drive, Dixon, $197,000.

• Cara V. Vanderlin, now Widolff, and Daniel P. Widolff to Keith S. and Tanya L. Ebersole, 421 W. Second St., Dixon, $110,000.

• Lisa D. Jezek, formerly Zielinski, to Byron D. and Katie R. Bellows, 302 Steele Ave., Dixon, $85,000.

• Dorothy Brommerich to Janine and Kyle Kostelny, block 12, lot 76, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

• Mark A. Kerchner to Lawrence J. Scriba, two parcels in May Township, $220,000.

• Barbara J. Lawless to Katherine Shaw Bethea Hospital, 511 Palmyra St., Dixon, $0.

• Thomas T. Lehman to Laurence R. Schauff, 415 Depot Ave., Dixon, $47,500.

• Candice Bass to Betty L. Franklin, 1009 Henderson Ave., Dixon, $117,000.

Quit claim deeds

• Lynette Swedberg to Judith Kaye Larson, 120 S. Skole Gate Road, Lee, $0.

• Robert W. Ramsdell to Kristina L. Hansen and Robert W. Ramsdell, 1148 S. Eldena Road, Eldena, $0.

• Jean Wright to Jean and Michelina Wright, block 4, lots 46 and 47, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

• Kek Family Limited Partnership to Knack Family LLC, one parcel in Dixon Township, $0.

• Kenyon L. Knack to Knack Family LLC, two lots in Dixon Township, $0.

• Timothy S. Zielinski to Lisa D. Zielinski, 302 Steele Ave., Dixon, $0.

• Dixon Park District to Laura and Samuel Strom, 620 Palmyra Road, Dixon, $0.

• John R. Eckhart to Virginia M. Eckhart, 1204 Fourth Ave., Dixon, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

• Richard R. and Doris J. Kennay Trust, Richard R. and Doris J. Kennay, trustees, to EES Holdings LLC, one parcel in Ashton Township, $389,832.

• Florian Czinki Declaration of Trust to Florian Czinki, trustee, to Regina and Scott Kraus, 3462 S. Paw Paw Road, Paw Paw, $39,500.

• Ruth C. Revocable Living Trust, Sandra K. Metz, trustee, to Sandra K. Metz Revocable Living Trust, Sandra K. Metz, trustee, 1020 W. Ninth St., Dixon, $0.

Executor’s deed

• The late Donald J. Colwell, Nola J. Colwell, executor, to Donald J. Colwell Residuary Family Trust, 2014 Carthage Road, Franklin Grove, $0.

Lease agreement

• Richard R. and Doris J. Kennay Trust, Richard R. and Doris J. Kennay, trustees, to BRT Group LLC, 2018 Hoosier Road, Ashton, $0.


• Town of Nachusa to Dixon Community Fire Protection District, 1251 Market St., Nachusa, $0.

Source: Lee County Recorder’s Office

Ogle County property transfers recorded the week of Dec. 17:

Warantly deeds

Rodney E. Rainwater to Richard and Mary Gensler, trustees, Gensler Trust No. 76, East Hemstock Road, Flagg Township, $30,000.

Chad B. and Danielle K. Karrow to the Illinois Department of Transportation, a portion of 412 N. Division Ave., Polo, for ADA sidewalk ramps, $300.

Rafael L. Acosta to Rafael L. and Maria M. Acosta, 107 E. Main St. Mount Morris.

Bradley J. and Donna Bauer to Daniel S. Gray, 1508 W. Washington St., Oregon, $95,000.

Timothy D. and Amber C. DeVries to Evan Reichert, 8366 N. Canary Drive, Scott Township, $140,500.

William E. and Kathleen L Carlson to Thomas J. and Phyllis L. Purple, 108 N. Perene Ave., Byron, $152,000.

Jason and Yvette Wheeler to Daniel Sanchez, 604 and 604 1/2 S. Third Ave., Rochelle, $217,000.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Jace Quimby and Laura Vanwy, 400 Mulford Road, Monroe Township, $79,500.  

Thomas F. and Catherine M. Funk to Colton R. and Kailey J. Farmer, 7541 N. Mulford Road, Monroe Township, $236,500.

Daniel L. Sanders to Travis M. Zabran and Lydia Zabran, 939 N. Crestview Trail, Byron Township, $118,500.

Tyanne Kennedy-Etes to Zachary H. Safley, 6858 S. James Drive, Rochelle, $136,000.

Quite claim deed

Karen Diamond to David and Karen Diamond, 951 S. Seventh St., Rochelle.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office

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