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Visitors Queue Outside NYSE, Anarchists Demonstrate With PM-Markets Bjt

October 16, 1989

NEW YORK (AP) _ Scores of tourists lined up early today outside the New York Stock Exchange, hoping to get an eyewitness view of the trading spasms on the vast floor where brokers feared another Black Monday panic.

″I feel like I’m watching a car accident,″ said John Egan, 24, a New Yorker waiting to get into the visitor’s gallery.

About 100 visitors ranging out-of-town tourists to New Yorkers with a few hours to kill queued by the visitor’s entrance to the nation’s biggest stock market, where priced plunged Friday and the Dow Jones industrials tumbled 190.53 points to 2,569.26, its biggest point loss since the October 1987 crash.

NYSE officials weren’t immediately allowing anyone into the gallery however, and tan-coated exchange sentries guarded the building’s entrances amid the skyscraper canyons of southern Manhattan. About 20 New York police on motorcycles and horseback deployed themselves nearby.

Dozens of press photographers stood outside and television news crew vehicles were parked on Wall Street on a cool foggy morning.

″No matter how you see it, something sudden and very important happened on Friday,″ said John van Rosendaal, 26, a Columbia University journalism school student, from Utrecht, Netherlands, who was waiting on the visitor’s gallery line. ″Something big’s happening and I want to be there when it does.″

Across the street, about 15 scraggly anarchist squatters from a nearby park carried placards that read ″sell today, jump tomorrow.″ A few shouted, ″watch for falling stockbrokers 3/8″

Nearby a man claiming to represent jailed political extremist Lyndon LaRouche roamed around, handing out leaflets that said, ″Lyndon told you so.″

″Where there’s dead meat, there’s the flock,″ said Laura Januzzi, 26, a tourist from Cincinnati who said she worked in the marketing department of MacDonald’s Corp.

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