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Justin Amash, GOP congressman: Donald Trump has met ‘threshold for impeachment’

Andrew Blake The Washington TimesMay 18, 2019

Rep. Justin Amash, Michigan Republican, said Saturday that President Trump has committed impeachable offenses worthy of his removal from the White House.

Mr. Amash made the case for impeaching Mr. Trump in more than a dozen social media posts citing special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 election and Attorney General William P. Barr’s subsequent handling of Mr. Mueller’s findings.

“In comparing Barr’s principal conclusions, congressional testimony, and other statements to Mueller’s report, it is clear that Barr intended to mislead the public about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s analysis and findings,” Mr. Amash wrote on Twitter. “Contrary to Barr’s portrayal, Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment.”

“America’s institutions depend on officials to uphold both the rules and spirit of our constitutional system even when to do so is personally inconvenient or yields a politically unfavorable outcome. Our Constitution is brilliant and awesome; it deserves a government to match it,” Mr. Amash tweeted.

While several Democrats in Congress have called for Mr. Trump’s impeachment, Mr. Amash is the first Republican in the House to support his removal.

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