April C.A.K.E. Award recipients announced

May 1, 2019

POCATELLO – PCSD 25 believes a safe, supportive, caring and respectful environment is critical to student learning. The District Education Foundation, in partnership with McDonald’s, supports the Learner-of-the-Month C.A.K.E. Award to recognize students who show great character. The Learner-of-the-Month C.A.K.E. Award recognizes one elementary learner and one secondary learner from our district, from October through May. In addition to being recognized at the monthly Board Meetings, the recipients also receive cupcakes delivered to their classrooms, accompanied by Idaho State University’s Benny the Bengal, to be enjoyed with and among their peers. Nominations for the C.A.K.E. Award are submitted by a teacher who has observed the nominee’s behavior, and are approved by the school’s principal.

Congratulations to Alexis Suapilimai, a fourth grade learner at Edahow Elementary School, and Deakon Blackhawk, a sophomore attending Century High School, who were chosen as the District’s April C.A.K.E. award recipients. C.A.K.E. stands for Character, Attitude, Kindness and Encouragement.

Alexis was nominated by her teacher, Mrs. Heather Judy. In her nomination letter, Mrs. Judy wrote, “Alexis deserves the C.A.K.E. award for several reasons. Her attitude towards life is always one of optimism. She is very mindful of others and always approaches a situation to lift someone’s spirits. This is done within the content we are learning in school, as well as social situations that have been observed. When a student was new within our classroom, and feeling isolated because of her newness, Alexis took notice, and took action in making this student feel welcome within the classroom and the school. Because of Alexis’ actions, her fellow classmates demeanor has changed for the better. If you glanced in my classroom during an academic task, Alexis is always helping those around her. Alexis has a strong character, optimistic attitude, kindness that radiates from her as well as encouragement towards everyone she meets.”

Deakon was nominated by his teacher, Mr. Bryon Haws. In his nomination letter, Mr. Haws wrote, “Deakon is an honest, thoughtful, conscientious student who always puts his best foot forward with a positive outlook and encourages other students to as well. In his nomination letter, Mr. Hawes wrote, “Deakon always looks for the positive. Deakon is an athlete, and even when his team faces defeat, he focuses on the things the other team members did well and his hopes for improvement. He invites other students to attend his games and support his teammates. He has an irresistible smile and other students find themselves happily agreeing. Deakon will eat lunch with anyone. I saw him invite another student over to his table to eat lunch with him one day and then he proceeded to introduce the student to his other friends that were there. I imagine what good that did for the new student.”

Another incident made a lasting impression on Mr. Haws. He wrote, “Deakon was in class with several other of his teammates. One of the teammates has learning disabilities and is socially very reserved. One day when it was time to leave early for a game, the boys got up to leave together and walked out the door, leaving behind this other student. Deakon stopped right at the doorway and told his other mates to wait a minute for this student to catch up. Deakon waited in the doorway for the student, put his arm around his shoulder and told him “Let’s go win a game.” The student shyly grinned and walked off as part of the group.”

Alexis and Deakon were recognized at the Board of Trustees meeting on Tuesday April 16, 2019. McDonald’s provides each learner and their nominators with a gift card, along with $50 to purchase books for the school’s media center in the recipients’ names.

In its fourth year, the PCSD 25 CAKE award seeks to recognize an elementary and secondary student each month of the school year. Awards will continue monthly through May 2019.