Cal Sheehy ready to take the reins as Havasu’s mayor

November 13, 2018

After spending the last couple of months learning alongside Mayor Mark Nexsen, Mayor-elect Cal Sheehy said he’s excited to take office.

Sheehy said he wants to continue to focus on diversifying the local economy and creating jobs. He also will prioritize implementing the Havasu Vision 20/20 strategic plan, which outlines an economic development plan for Lake Havasu City in coming years.

The plan includes strategies for economic growth in the community. He said more than 72 percent of small businesses in Havasu employ five or fewer people. By working with those business owners he hopes to help them grow and employ more people. He also wants to make sure there aren’t burdensome regulations in the way of job creators.

“I believe there’s no greater legacy that we can offer our residents than everybody that is looking for a job has the ability to have a good, well-paying, stable job where they can lay down roots within our community and raise their family and lend their support to the vibrant community that we call Lake Havasu City and we call home,” Sheehy said.

He said he will also work to ensure Havasu residents can enjoy a good quality of life with access to good recreation programs, good parks and amenities in the community.

Sheehy started working at the London Bridge Resort as a housekeeper when he was 16 in 1996 and moved up in the company, eventually becoming general manager, a position he will maintain while serving as mayor. He said his experience in the service industry along with his City Council experience and on a number of nonprofit panels have prepared him to lead the city.

A lot of the people he works with in the tourism industry become investors, job creators and eventually residents of Havasu, he said.

“Through all of those experiences I believe it’s prepared me to lead our community from the mayor’s office,” he said. “But I had no visions of it when I was a young child that that would be my pathway, but it seems very natural to me at this point because of my active involvement within our community in the last 20 years.”

As a council member, Sheehy said he’s had to learn to balance working his job at the resort and working for Havasu residents. While finding a balance as mayor will be a learning curve, he said it will help him understand the people he serves.

“In our level, it’s government of the people, by the people, and people have to work and have a job,” he said. “So I believe that it becomes most real when the person leading the way also has to balance multiple responsibilities and understands the daily stresses of life that our residents are going through.”

Sheehy will be sworn in during the Lake Havasu City Council meeting on November 27, at the Council Chambers.

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