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Knievel Clears Grand Canyon on Bike

May 21, 1999

GRAND CANYON WEST, Ariz. (AP) _ Motorcycle daredevil Robbie Knievel jumped a 200-foot-wide chasm of the Grand Canyon on Thursday.

Fireworks erupted and a crowd of about 500 cheered as Knievel easily cleared the gorge. It wasn’t immediately known if he broke his world record leap of 223 feet.

Knievel, 37, ran off the ramp and wiped out in a cloud of dust. He did not appear to have suffered any serious injury.

``I’m wiped out in the head a little,″ Knievel said.

Knievel said his daredevil father, Evel Knievel _ recovering from a recent liver transplant _ had wanted to jump the Grand Canyon but never got the chance.

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