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Teacher Accused of Shocking Student

August 12, 1998

CHICAGO (AP) _ A high school teacher was suspended after being accused of using electric shocks to discipline a student.

Shop teacher Phillip Rush forced sophomore Justin Burnett to hold a spark plug in one hand and a piece of metal connected to an electric current in the other, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday by Burnett’s mother.

The lawsuit charges Rush caused three volts of electricity to course through Justin’s body in the September incident. The final shock was an alleged 30-second jolt.

Rush, a teacher for more than 15 years, declined to comment. He has been suspended and faces a hearing on whether he should be fired.

Raymond Hauser, a lawyer for the Crete-Monee schools, said school officials were unaware Hauser was using electric shocks. The lawsuit claims Rush had been using the punishment for years.

``The school district is appalled by this behavior,″ Hauser said.