Orchids and Onions: Sunday, January 6, 2019

January 6, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Niko’s for the best gyros and to Brooke, the best mixologist ever. Not only does she have a smile for everyone but she makes the very best bloody mary drinks and her customer service is exemplary.

Orchids to Pizza Hut on Swanson. Our card group went in for lunch and after enjoying the lunch buffet we were able to stay and play cards in one of their rooms. While playing Cheryl checked on us, refilling our drinks and clearing the plates. Very enjoyable afternoon. We will be back.

Orchids to Beth at Dr. Prater’s office. She is friendly, smart and funny and always put our minds at ease. I can always just stop by with a question and she handles everything with a smile – even if it was a problem at another office. Dr. Prater is lucky to have her on staff.

Onions to the local restaurant for your choice in employees. Employing a man who has a pending felony charge for attempted murder does not look good for your business. Nor is that a place I want to dine at. Do better.

Onions to our post office and the north side carrier, is it really necessary to throw packages from 10 feet away to get somewhere near the entry? Another three steps would do you some good anyway. But I will give you an orchid: At least you’re not leaving them on top of the mailbox any longer.

Orchids to the 911 operator and four brave guys from our fire department for quick action putting out the flaming car on Rover Drive Friday night! So glad you do what you do, very grateful!

Onions to the Mensa candidate who was sitting in the Post Office drive through going in the wrong direction making incoming mail droppers back out into traffic. Parked nearby and not doing anything about this idiot was a LHC PD car watching for speeders on Swanson!

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