Report: Yale Medical School students posed with cadavers

February 13, 2019

Yale Medical School yearbooks, published as recently as 2011, show students posing with cadaver.

An article by the Yale Daily News also reported that some of the photos are also accompanied by lewd captions.

The photos were published in the 1990s and also in 2011.

The article said School of Medicine anatomy professor Bill Stewart, who has taught anatomy at Yale since 1978, said he would not have allowed the photos had he been aware of them.

Other anatomy professors who are not affiliated with the University noted that humor was once used to assuage the discomfort that came from performing dissections on a human body. Still, they called the photos disrespectful.

School of Medicine Dean Robert Alpern wrote in an email to the News, “It is expected that any student in the lab follows ethical standards of conduct so that appropriate respect is afforded to the individuals who donated their bodies to science.”

Many of these yearbooks have a section with pictures from medical students’ first-year anatomy lab.

One photo shows students smiling around a donor’s head.

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