Thanks for amazing support of ReMitts -- Kathy Rothering

January 19, 2019

On behalf of my co-workers at ReMitts, it is my pleasure to once again thank the patrons of ReMitts for their overwhelming and passionate support of our mission to feed the hungry.

This year ReMitts raised $74,278, which is $9,000 more than last year. Our group of about 25 women and a few husbands who specialize in laundry are in awe of our patrons’ continued enthusiasm. We appreciate the avid support of our vendors who welcome our mitten displays and wholeheartedly embrace our project to give back to our community. We would be lost without them.

Now we go back to our workshop to prepare for ReMitts 2019. We look forward to providing our returning customers and first timers with a new array of unique mittens, perfect for our Wisconsin winters. They will warm your hands, and the hearts of those we feed.

Thank you all for the amazing support.

Kathy Rothering, www.ReMitts.org

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