INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ Rep. Lee Hamilton has a new job lined up, which he hopes will allow him to make sure people's expectations about Congress aren't unrealistically high _ or low.

The southern Indiana Democrat will serve as director of the new congressional studies center at Indiana University when he ends his 34-year career in Congress.

The Center on Congress, announced Friday, will be established at the university's main campus in Bloomington to improve the public's understanding of the institution.

``The center will explain the nature and importance of Congress and deal with the public's criticisms and questions in as nonpartisan and objective a way as possible,'' Hamilton said.

``One goal of the center is to help citizens hold Congress accountable by bringing their expectations and assessments more in line with reality.'' he said.

Hamilton has represented southern Indiana's 9th District since 1964 and is a former chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs. Last year he announced his plans to retire when his current term _ his 17th _ expires.