Every American rejoices -- State Journal editorial from 100 years ago

November 12, 2018

This State Journal editorial ran on Nov. 11, 1918, the say World War I officially ended:

Victory is here. The world rejoices. When we went into this war for freedom and humanity, we were told by German apologists that this war would never be popular with the people.

No war of defense was ever so popular as this. No victory for justice and for freedom ever gave such wide rejoicing. The continents are glad.

Nothing in America today is so unpopular as either any taint of pro-Germanism or that slip-shod sentimentalism that once favored German autocratic aggression by the spineless, visionless, purposeless policy of non-resistance.

The good man is a good hater of wrong. The good nation is a good hater of injustice, and the good American is a good hater of autocracy. ...

America is wild with joy. The world is wild with joy. America is saved. The world is saved. No nation shall be a slave nation.

The great work of the war is ended. The great work of peace is here. Now for the great federation. Hasten the day when the United Nations of the World will be born that the like of the kaiser may never again be allowed to live, and that German kultur with all its wicked, vicious, imperial propaganda shall be buried forever.

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