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Reggie Still Angry With Sheriff

October 31, 1996

GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) _ Reggie White wants to see a new sheriff in town.

The Green Bay Packers defensive end said Wednesday he wasn’t satisfied with an apology he got from Brown County Sheriff Mike Donart for using an unauthorized photo of him in a campaign advertisement.

White demanded an apology on Monday, saying he didn’t know Donart and that the use of his photo was unethical.

But White said after Wednesday’s workout he was still angry because while Donart’s campaign removed the photo, it still used his name in an ad on Tuesday. The election is next Tuesday.

``He apologized if he made me feel uncomfortable. But he didn’t apologize for what he did,″ White said. ``My name and my picture are not public domain.″

White said he supports Donart’s opponent, Republican John Hinz, whom he knows personally because the assistant Green Bay police chief is hired by the team as a security guard on road trips.

``I know Tom’s integrity and the type of person he is. Yeah, I would rather see him win,″ White said.

White, who is seeking advice from his lawyer over the flap, said Hinz never sought his endorsement, although ``I think Tom would have had enough integrity to ask me.″

White said he wouldn’t have let anybody use his likeness in a political advertisement.

White said he was particularly upset that Donart, a Democrat, and his campaign saw the flap as a political gold mine.

``He didn’t think it was wrong. His people said it was great publicity for him. I tell you what, I’m ticked off about it,″ White said.

On Tuesday, Donart said the uproar over the ad probably helped him politically.

The $238 ad generated $20,000 to $30,000 worth of publicity for Donart in front-page news stories in newspapers and lead stories in television newscasts, said Stephen Eichenbaum, creative director for Eichenbaum and Henke Inc., a Milwaukee advertising agency hired by Donart’s campaign.

Eichenbaum has contended that using White in the ad was proper because there is no clearly implied or stated endorsement of Donart by White and no words were put in White’s mouth.

The ad included a photo of White, in Packers uniform, and said an All-Pro shouldn’t be traded if he missed a tackle.

It came in response to criticism of the sheriff’s management regarding the escape in August of four prisoners from the Brown County Jail.

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