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Woman Tries to Give Away Dad on Internet

March 10, 2003

OSLO, Norway (AP) _ Nina Mehlum Groenland loves dear old dad, but having him as roommate isn’t the 25-year-old Norwegian’s idea of keeping family ties close.

One classified ad on the Internet later and Odd Kristiansen, 52, may not have found a new home, but definitely a renewed sense of interest from several nice women.

``Giving away my daddy to a good-natured lady in Trondheim,″ Groenland’s electronic ad read. ``Daddy is tall, dark, slim and in his best age. I’m sick of him since he is living in my house. Furniture included.″

Groenland told The Associated Press Monday that the advertisement was a gentle jab at her dad. The two live in Trondheim, 310 miles north of the capital, Oslo. He and Groenland’s mother are divorced.

``It started as a joke, but we’ve had one serious call,″ she said.

The March 6 posting ran on a classified advertising Web site in Norway. Most users post details about cars for sale or help wanted ads.

Several people have e-mailed, most saying they had a nice laugh, but Kristiansen is hoping for something more permanent.

``I’d like to hear from American ladies as well,″ he said.

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