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Three Arraigned in Model’s Slashing

June 7, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ A judge has set bail at $250,000 for the landlord accused of hiring two men to disfigure fashion model Marla Hanson, whose face was slashed with a razor in a dispute over an $850 apartment security deposit.

The landlord, Steven Roth, 28, was arraigned Friday in Manhattan Criminal Court on an assault charge. Ms. Hanson, with more than 100 stitches across her face, was recuperating today in a Manhattan hospital.

In court Friday, Assistant District Attorney James Warwick said Roth’s ″clear intent was to ruin the career of the victim.″

″It was Mr. Roth’s intention not to pay the $850 but to intimidate her and have her hurt,″ he said. ″This whole matter was orchestrated by Mr. Roth.″

Two weeks ago Ms. Hanson moved out of an apartment owned by Roth, a free- lance makeup artist, and the two met in a bar early Thursday to discuss the security deposit.

Warwick said Roth hired Steven Bowman, 27, and Daren Norman, 20, to stage a robbery nearby during which they would disfigure the 24-year-old model.

The prosecutor said Roth had promised to find Bowman an apartment as payment for the attack. It was unclear what Norman was supposed to get.

Warwick said Norman and Bowman told police Roth had hired them for the job, and asked that all three be held without bail.

″The victim has identified Mr. Norman as the man who slashed her with the razor blade and she has identified Mr. Bowman as the man who held her down during the attack,″ Warwick said.

Judge Herbert Adelberg set bail at $100,000 each for Bowman and Norman. The next hearing in the case is set for June 11.

None of the three posted bail immediately.

When Norman was arrested, police found him carrying a razor blade of the same brand as the bloodied one recovered at the crime scene. Because Ms. Hanson struggled so vigorously, Bowman got some razor cuts on his left hand and upper left arm, Warwick said.

Bowman and Norman were charged with first-degree assault, possession of a weapon and resisting arrest. Bowman also allegedly was carrying several vials of crack, a potent cocaine derivative, and was charged with drug possession.

Ms. Hanson and her plastic surgeon held a news conference in St. Vincent’s Hospital on Friday to talk about her recovery.

Ms. Hanson seemed in good spirits, despite the wounds that snaked across her right cheek to the edge of her mouth and around her left eye.

″I’m feeling wonderful,″ said the model, who hopes to continue her career.

Dr. Ronald Levandusky said Ms. Hanson’s were the worst deliberately inflicted wounds he’d ever seen and was not optimistic about her regaining the looks she had before the attack.

The scars could be improved by plastic surgery, he said, ″but basically all scars like this are permanent and we have to face that reality.″

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