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Avis Introduces New Hand-Controlled Device For Disabled Drivers

April 7, 1993

NEW YORK (AP) _ Avis Inc. introduced a newly patented hand-control device Wednesday for disabled drivers who rent the company’s cars.

Avis has made hand-controlled devices available in the past, but they have only been usable in full-sized models, said a company spokeswoman, Demetria Mudar. The newer models can be used in compact and sub-compact cars, she said.

″We have listened to our customers’ input about the need for greater flexibility, and opted for the new hand-control system as soon as it was available,″ said Robert Salerno, manager of U.S. rental operations.

Called Automaster, the system connects to the car accelerator pedal and brake arm. The system takes about 10 minutes to install compared with up to 30 minutes for the older models, Mudar said.

The hand control lever is adaptable to the left- or right-handed driver. Drivers control the accelerator and brake by pulling or pushing the lever.

Mudar said Avis would make the new systems available, at no extra charge, to renters at any Avis outlet on 24 hours’ notice.

Automaster was designed and patented by Team Manufacturing, Inc., of Augusta, Ga.