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Bottle of Wine Sells For $30,000

December 2, 1988

LONDON (AP) _ A 177-year-old bottle of French wine sold for $30,525. ″The buyer hasn’t told me what he’s going to do with it, but if he has any sense he will probably drink it,″ said Christie’s auctioneer Michael Broadbent.

The buyer at Thursday’s auction was a Swiss bidding by telephone who did not want his name published. The seller was Peter Gerlach Hansen of Vedbaek, Denmark.

The wine in an old green bottle was a Sauterne dated 1811 from the Chateau Yquem vineyards south of Bordeaux.

″We expected to get over 10,000 pounds ($18,500) for it,″ said Broadbent.

″The 1811 vintage was highly successful in every European wine district and as there was a comet that year, it is known as the comet vintage. It is as celebrated as the vintages of 1784 and 1847, and arguably is the most renowned of all time,″ the auctioneer said.

Broadbent said Christie’s had not sold a similar bottle but that he had tasted one two years ago.

″It had a lovely color with a warm glow and a raisiny bouquet, full of flavor and life - a beautiful drink and a rare experience,″ the auctioneer said.

The record price paid for a bottle of wine is 105,000 pounds, then about $150,000, for a 1787 Chateau Lafite red, sold Dec. 5, 1985. The bottle had been initialed for dispatch to Thomas Jefferson, but it was never delivered.

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