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Egyptian Doctor Flogged in Saudi Arabia for Slander

May 24, 1995

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) _ Saudi Arabia has flogged an Egyptian doctor convicted of slander, giving him 80 lashes for filing a complaint charging that his son was sexually assaulted by a Saudi school headmaster.

Mohammed Kamel Mohammed Khalifa was sentenced by a Saudi court to 200 lashes last September, but his sentence was commuted to 80 lashes by an Appeals Court.

It was carried out in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday, according to Saudi sources who spoke on condition of anonymity. They had no further details about Khalifa, who earlier served part of a 45-day jail sentence.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights had appealed to Saudi officials not to carry out the sentence, but the group’s president, Nigad el-Borai, said today he was not surprised the Saudis ignored his plea.

``Saudi Arabia does not abide by international human rights conventions because it considers them against Islam,″ el-Borai told The Associated Press. ``The Saudis have no respectable judiciary. They still carry out these inhuman physical penalties like flogging.″

The group said a forensic medical report on Dr. Mohammed’s son, who was examined upon his return to Cairo, found that `the marks observed around the child’s anus correspond to those caused as a result of sexual assault.″

Saudi Arabian operates under the sharia, or Islamic law, which dictates sentences such as flogging, amputation of limbs and beheading for various offenses.

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