Making the school year enriching for you

October 1, 2018

You have done the back-to-school shopping, juggled the schedules and seen them off on their first day. Your focus has been clear — making this school year meaningful for your children. Now, consider making it enriching for you as well.

Making it enriching for you involves caring for yourself, which means carving out time to refresh your mind, body and spirit. It may involve doing some deep work to understand and shift things that trigger you or cause upset so that your daily life becomes more serene.

How you take care of yourself is a model for your children and others in your life. How you treat yourself teaches your children how to treat themselves. Filling up your tank provides you with greater flexibility to respond from your best self when challenges occur.

Do you view self-care as selfish? When you take care of yourself, you actually set the tone for everything around you. You respond more creatively and create the space for others to do the same. You will become more curious because you will not be operating from “not enough” — not enough time, energy, teamwork, help, respect, cooperation.

Here are a few ways to make taking care of yourself a daily practice:

• Make it a priority. Make it a habit.

• Find friends who are good at self-care and follow their lead.

• Be mindful of your energy. When you feel depleted, be compassionate with yourself.

• Identify what recharges your body, mind and spirit. Do more of those things often.

Maggie Macaulay is the owner of Whole Hearted Parenting, offering coaching, courses and workshops. Contact her at 954-483-8021 or Maggie@WholeHeartedParenting.com. Visit her website at WholeHeartedParenting.com.

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