Vote For Casey On Election Day

July 21, 2018

Editor: I see your president is having a meeting with his boss to get new marching orders. Your president, party and the NRA are all anti-American. Your president thinks Putin can do no wrong because the Russian dictator told him he did not hack the election, so he must be right. Your president is a liar and I do not believe a word he tells us. What did he give up at the summit? I do not believe either one. If you want to vote for a real American, vote for Sen. Bob Casey, not for Trump’s puppet. Sen. Casey is pro-America, not like your president and his puppet, who are not. Why is your president keeping the children in cages like wild beasts? What would Jesus say? A man or woman who is really pro-life would not support a president or party who is in the pocket of the NRA. The NRA does not care who buys guns and who they kill. Do you call that pro-life? I don’t. Joseph Ignatius WILKES-BARRE

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