As Everharts grapple with bad news, hope comes just minutes apart:A Greater Cleveland

September 7, 2018

As Everharts grapple with bad news, hope comes just minutes apart:A Greater Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Ten-year-old Tiffany Everhart sits at the kitchen table with a furrowed brow, trying to figure out why her mother, Violet, is in tears after returning from her factory job.

Rather than offer an explanation to the child, Violet rushes into the next room and talks to her husband, Isaac, in anxious, hushed tones. Tiffany can’t hear the conversation, but she correctly discerns that something bad has happened.

The news is this: The factory where Violet works has lost accounts and today informed workers that their shifts are to be cut by two hours each day. This comes after the company suspended its second shift at the end of 2017, depriving Violet of needed overtime opportunities.

A loss of income is troubling to most families, but is potentially devastating to the Everharts. Isaac is unable to work because of a back injury suffered two years ago on a landscaping job. So, Violet is sole breadwinner, and her existing factory pay barely covers expenses.

Isaac has his own bad news to share. As a recovering heroin addict, he needs regular methadone treatments and he learned this morning that the cost of those treatments will be increasing soon.

As Violet and Isaac talk about how they will deal with this double whammy, the phone rings.

The call is from the attorney handling Isaac’s disability claim. Isaac has been waiting for a court date to determine if he will be granted Social Security Disability benefits.

As the end of the conversation, Isaac turns to his wife with a broad smile. A court date has been granted for later this year, he says, and the attorney is confident that a monthly stipend will be granted.

Returning to the kitchen, Violet notices the concern on Tiffany’s face and explains that they will need to reduce expenses, but not for too long.

“And we can get through anything for just a little while,” Violet says as she gives her daughter a reassuring hug. “Right?”

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