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Property tax hikes, water rate increases talk of Hooversville council

Cody McDevittMay 16, 2019

In Hooversville, borough council members are concerned that property values will decrease as the community becomes more unsightly and infrastructure crumbles.

A number of problems have stemmed from the borough’s dire financial straits. At the council meeting on Tuesday, discussions centered on ways to increase revenue into the borough’s coffers. Raising property taxes was favored by some as a way to pay for various projects, including road work and water pipe installation. The other half of the council favored raising water rates to help ease the financial strain.

“We’re getting a lot of people moving out. We’re getting a lot of empty houses,” said Rick Hause, councilman. “We need a structured plan to know what’s going up and by how much. and we need to get that information out. We need a basic plan to know how much to raise. I’m on the fixed income side of this. I’m not saying we don’t need it here in the borough. Our borough consists mostly of retired people.”

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