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Evidence Covered in Defense Motion to Suppress With AM-Simpson-Slayings, Bjt

July 7, 1994

Undated (AP) _ Evidence in O.J. Simpson case that defense is seeking to suppress:

-Bloodstain on the door of his Ford Bronco.

-Bloody glove found on a pathway at his Rockingham Avenue estate.

-Bloodstains on the driveway.

The defense motion to suppress included other evidence, but the prosecution said this was the only evidence from Simpson’s mansion that would be entered during the preliminary hearing so arguing the admissibility of the rest would be premature.

DEFENSE: ″The belief upon which an officer acts must be the product of facts known to or observed by him and not a fanciful attempt to rationalize silence into a justification for a warrantless entry. And that is precisely all that these officers encountered at the Rockingham premises. Silence. And from that silence they have conjured up horrific visions of the need to jump over the wall and enter the premises.″ - Defense attorney Gerald Uelmen.

PROSECUTION: ″No answer to the intercom, no answer to the house phone and there’s lights on and there’s cars in the driveway. ... They’ve come from a bloody crime scene where someone left bleeding. ... The actions are entirely consistent with the stated motivation.″ - Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark.

WHAT HAPPENS NEXT: Legal experts say the judge’s ruling on the motion to suppress is not immediately subject to appeal. There is limited review if Simpson is ordered to stand trial in Superior Court. The Superior Court is bound by the decision of the Municipal Court unless a major error in law is discovered.

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