Phone numbers and safety reminders from the City of Florence

September 13, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. -- Although we have generator power for the City Center, should there be an unexpected outage, the cellular non emergency phone numbers for the City of Florence Police Department are: 843-495-0320 and 843-495-0216.

Please be prepared to stay indoors for an extended period of time. Do not attempt to wander around, on foot or in a vehicle, during or right after the hurricane event. If you do, and then have an issue, you could easily be placing your life in jeopardy as well as the lives of the public safety personnel responding. Please understand that during periods of perilous hurricane force winds, it will also be too dangerous for police personnel to respond to calls for service.

When it becomes safe to be outside and operate a motor vehicle, remember to never approach or attempt to touch downed lines of any type. Treat every downed line as if it were a live electrical power line.

When driving while electrical power is out, you are required to treat every intersection that doesn’t have a functioning traffic signal like a four way stop. Do not assume that you have the right of way just because you are driving on a main artery.

Flashing red traffic signals at an intersection mean you must come to a complete stop. You can proceed when the way is clear. Flashing yellow allows a driver to continue into the intersection slowly and with great caution.

Always drive slowly and with great caution after any severe weather event. Debris in the roadway can be deadly if struck at any speed.

Don’t drive through flooded roadways. The water may be too high which could easily stall and strand your vehicle. In addition, the road under the water may be washed away.

Don’t drive around or do anything to avoid barricaded roadways. Barricades are there because the roadway is impassable.

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