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Quotes From Capitol Shooting

July 24, 1998

Quotes from tourists and other witnesses to the Capitol shooting:

``I saw lots of people, other tourists, running toward me and away from the shooting. People were grabbing their kids and running away.″ _ Nery Garcia, a tourist from Holland, Mich., who was just outside the Capitol when the firing began.

``We heard these shots. Everybody scattered. I saw an officer hit the floor. I approached and felt his pulse. ... He was very seriously wounded. He was trying to say something to me. I could not hear, I could not understand him.″ _ Ronald Beamish, a 70-year-old tourist from England who was resting by a first-floor souvenir counter and was one of the first to reach a wounded officer.

``I looked to my right and saw a guy with a gun. The first thing I thought was, ‘Duck.’ There was a guy just running, just shooting at anybody he could hit. When I looked up, I saw the officer with a hole in his chest.″ _ Justin Brown, who works at the souvenir counter on the first floor.

``I saw officers at the bottom of the steps pushing people to the ground with their firearms drawn.″ _ Alexander McCourt, a Marine lance corporal, based in Norfolk, Va., who was touring the Capitol.

``We had all these little kids, one of them from Belfast, (Northern Ireland), who flipped when the shots went off. We were trying to isolate her from that kind of thing, not letting her watch the news, and then this happened. ″ _ Mara Cleary, an aide to Sen. Robert Torricelli, D-N.J., who was leading a group on a tour.

``When I got back to my office, the news had said something was going on, nobody knew what it was. I went straight to the Capitol. And there were two people there who had been shot. And I participated in a resuscitation.″ _ Sen. Bill Frist, R-Tenn., a heart surgeon who gave CPR to one of the wounded.

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