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List: Duke Energy’s tips to keep energy bills low this summer

Nia Harden, WRAL reporterMay 21, 2019

As temperatures surge into the 90s, there’s no doubt that your energy bill will rise with them. Duke Energy offers a few easy changes that homeowners and renters can make immediately to trim their electric costs while staying cool.

Some of the more obvious tips include:

You can also try to use your oven less by grilling or microwaving food when possible to keep extra heat out of the home.

If you have a Smart Meter, use it -- it provides detailed, daily usage information through your Duke Energy account and makes it easier to manage your usage.

Duke Energy’s website offers dozens more tips sorted by room. Some new energy saving techniques to try include:

In the office:

In the kitchen:

In the living room:

In the bedroom:

In the bathroom:

In the garage:

Find more tips online.

As homeowner Barbra Doncarlos put it, “I hate to just waste. If it will save us money in one hour and I’ll be more comfortable inside, why would I not do it?”

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